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Advanced Communication Manager

Product description

The Advanced Communication Manager (ACM) tool is a truly advanced communication platform which allows users to keep the loan story right inside the loan. Status notifications, eMails & attachments, global and personal templates for repeated eMail tasks, a live loan feed of the latest communication, and printable logs for managers and auditors (and yes we can automate that!). Users can manage multi-departmental communication from the pipeline AND access the pipeline of loans from within a loan file. No more scrolling through Outlook! For many, this replaces: • Work queues • Memos • Milestone comments • Manual emails outside the system, and more… Benefits Include: • Real-time messaging & notifications for users and groups • Sending and tracking email communication • Built-in HTML email templates • Adding or managing efolder documents • Sending documents to borrowers form the efolder

General Info

Provider KensieMae Technologies, Inc.
Type Plugin
Version 23.6.2