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eDisclosure Assistant 2.0

Product description

This little assistant streamlines your eDisclosures. First, it reminds users when its time to send out the eConsent with a popup that takes them straight to the eConsent screen. On one side it's a friendly assistant, and on the other a management utility that records when an eConsent was sent out, received, and returned. Then add the ability to assign and retrieve documents by auto-pressing the retrieve button in the efolder (on loan open & loan save) and assigning users to documents automatically. For all the times a user has forgotten to grab the borrower's last 4 or 6 of the SSN before starting the eDisclosure process on a little sticky note, only to get to the last step and realize they need to start over or open a new session to get those 4 digits...the last feature is automatically mapping your preferred Borrower Auth Code straight into the eDisclosure and appropriate screens to simplify and mitigate disclosure access borrower issues.

General Info

Provider KensieMae Technologies, Inc.
Type Plugin
Version 20.9.17