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eFolder Doc Viewer

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Tired of having to jump out of the input form you’re working on to access documents hidden in the eFolder? Put an end to workflow disruptions with eFolder Doc Viewer, offering a seamless and efficient way to view and manage documents and conditions right from any custom input form! Effortlessly create shortcuts and quick links, ensuring instant access to the documents you need without the hassle of navigating away from your work. Whether you're comparing income statements, disclosures, credit reports, or other crucial documents, this ingenious tool enables side-by-side viewing with ease. You can now build lists of documents and conditions on the fly while you’re editing the loan file. Once you’re ready, you can add everything on the list to your eFolder with a single click! Upgrade today and work smarter, not harder!

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Provider KensieMae Technologies, Inc.
Type Plugin
Version 24.1.4